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Filmar’s services are a very direct bridge in the international industry. In 2014, the company was created in Paris to support independent productions’ needs, and provide a reliable value in experiences for both local and abroad services including commercials, modified low budget or theatrical productions.

We think global, but act local.


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Based in France,

Filmar guarantees top quality audiovisual content and benefits from an award-winning team and renowned production supply company exerting considerable efforts and energy to deliver high end results.

In a couple of years, the work with French and European authorities have built our unblemished standing of quality and efficiency.

Our offices are located in Studio Kremlin, which allows reactivity and competitive prices on shooting needs and emergencies.

Production services

Filmar registered since 2014 with the CNC, when the vision of Filmar took shape, bringing together multi national moviemakers who had a desire to shoot in France.

During the past decade, with the arrival of the TRIP, Filmar has built solid and productive relationships at the French Film Commission, the Culture Ministry, suppliers and crew across France, resulting in a perfect understanding of the French tax credit system and more importantly, how best to apply it.

Today, with the growth in high end television, the company has expanded with a dedicated TV entity. The last couple of years we have hosted TV Series and documentaries shooting in France. Filmar is always renewing its associations with local references and is aiming to be the reference in Production Servicing in France, whilst we further look to develop requirements to meet the constant changing demands of Clients wishing to shoot here today.


Technical Solutions

Driven by passion and experience, Filmar covers the complete value chain from image production to broadcasting.

Our team of committed professionals can handle all kinds of indoor and outdoor events.

Each day we install and provide technical solutions to feature films, documentaries and entertaining programmes.

Our focus on innovation and our wealth of experience in high-pressure production services, large and small, allows us to offer our clients (television channels, broadcasters, content producers) increasingly innovative services that include state-of-the art technologies.

Our strategy is driven by our number one priority: provide service with passion to meet our clients’ needs

Arial and ground Stabilisation

Filmar provides since 2014 professional aerial drone systems and is one of the key companies in Paris, France for commercial drone solutions.

We are making high-definition video (full HD up to 8K) for movies, TV programs and corporate videos.

Filmar brings the technical knowledge and creative eye to every project in which we are involved in.

Our team of experienced drone pilots and cameramen can work in English to make communication easy with your team.

Filmar provides professional aerial imagery using top-of-the-line equipment for both drone, remote controlled cameras and gimbals.

For the past years, filmar has been at the forefront for using the latest professional drone solutions such as DJI S1000, S900, freely alta, Inspire RAW, movi m10, m15 and ronins.

Aerial videos and photos are taken with top-of-the-line remote-controlled cameras such as Sony alpha 7, Canon eos 5D, Panasonic GH4, Sony RX 100, Black Magic Pocket, Red Epic and Alexa Mini.

In order to provide you the best stabilized image we use three-axes gyro-stabilized gimbal such as Zenmuse or Movi and Ronin.

Besides drone shooting we can also be your partner for an entire video project as our team has broad experience of more than 10 years in video production and broadcasting. We are equipped with Jib, travelling, cameras and all necessary lighting equipment.

Our team works in Paris and France but also everywhere in the world. We have successfully completed more than 100 drone shoots in Europe, Africa, Asia, Polynesia, South America.


Latest Works

Netflix's Jinn
Camera Department / Technical solutions

A field trip to Petra (Jordan) causes two jinns – one good, the other evil – to enter the human realm, turning high school to a supernatural battleground.

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Mieux Chez Soi
Directing / Line production

Stéphane Plaza brought together a few of the most inventive and ingenious professional architects in a single agency, the “Mieux chez soi” agency! They are there to find solutions to the problems you encounter at home and which seem intractable. Every day, clients will come to the agency to present their problem. Stéphane Plaza will then present them two architects and each of them will propose a project so that the client can have the choice.

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A Chef's voyage
Line production

Following Chef David Kinch and his team’s journey from their 3 Michelin Star in California on a one of a kind “four hands” collaboration with three legendary chefs at their iconic restaurants in Paris, Provence and Marseille.

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Co-Production / Line production

Love At First Heist is a 9 minutes silent Comedy
Written and Directed by Rémi Anfosso
And CoProduced by Attic Light Films (USA) and Bambule Films (FRANCE).

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M6 - Chasseurs d'appart
Ground Stabilisation / Technical solutions

Stéphane Plaza presents a new kind of competition where 3 apartment hunters compete to find the best real estate!
All around France

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Dar el teeb - Commercial
Line Production

The Commercial of the new palace collection of Dar el Teeb

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The Voice - ME
Line production

Already 5 seasons of the program, the coaches work on selecting the most beautiful voices, training and developing them to generate the best talents.

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La Grande Rassrah 2-3-4-5
Directing / Technical Solutions

A yearly rendez-vous for hidden cameras

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Amour à 200 mètres
Directing / Technical Solutions

In each episode of “Amour à 200 Mètres”, you follow the encounter of a man and a woman seeking love through a mobile application.

“200 Meters” is the name of this application that they download and on which they discover the face of a stranger whom they are asked to meet 200 short meters from them …

Are they made for each other?

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Still burning - retour de Flamme - Nar min Nar
Line Production

Still Burning tells the unexpected reunion in Paris in June 1998 of André, a Lebanese filmmaker living and working in France, and Walid, the very close friend he has not seen for years.
In their youth, in Beirut, during the civil war, they were both possessed by the same artistic vocation: Cinema, but also by the same woman: Amira.
Their reunion, all night long, will not fail to awaken their old repressed demons for better or for worse.

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Maison à vendre
Drone and arial images

In “Maison à vendre”, Stéphane Plaza and his team will help you showcase your property. With inexpensive upgrades and the valuable advice of a real estate professional, all for helping to sell your home faster

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Directing / Technical Solutions

Learning while having fun, being surprised by science, testing your knowledge, these are the objectives of E = M6, the scientific magazine presented by Mac Lesggy.

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Au fil de la vézère
Image – Technical solutions

Imagined as a descent of the river, this web documentary allows you to discover, through encounters along the water, both the richness of the prehistoric heritage of the valley, its importance in the history of prehistory, the current challenging research and its future.

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Trésors Romans du Poitou-Charentes
Image – Technical Solutions

The first part of the webdocumentary “Trésors romans de Poitou-Charentes” gets you to discover society in the Roman era. Cinematographic images, aerial sequences, meetings with specialists in Romanesque art transport us to the heart of this period

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Tous Ensemble
Image – Technical Solutions

Marc Emmanuel gathers all the good willing forces to help reconstructing the houses of people in need.

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General Manager

Samar Trad

Samar Daou, a law professional and
production coordinator that made her the perfect fit
for Filmar’s CEO position.
Executive Producer - Director

Filip Trad

Filip Trad is an out-the-box thinker and accomplished line
producer born in Beirut with extensive experience
on a wide variety of TV and theatrical indie

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